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work. play. sleep

This structure reconnects work, play and live with the natural landscape. Notched between three trees, the structure integrates itself into the surrounding. The pavilion pivots and turns, opening up towards different directions depending on view and sunlight.

Work. Play. Sleep

Pavilion Design // Design-Build // Fabrication

Featured in Dwell Magazine,, Design New England

Boston Society of Architects (BSA) - Small Firms/ Small Projects Design Award & Honor Award for Design Excellence 2017

AIA Vermont - Citation of Excellence in Architecture



Perched atop a hill, this structure reconnects work, play and sleep with the rural natural landscape. Notched between three trees, the structure integrates itself into the surrounding landscape, pivoting and turning to open out towards different directions.


Design & Construction

The enclosure, a series of stacked one by fours, create a screen mimicking the positive and negative space of the trees against its landscape. It opens up at head height when seated or standing to allow residents to look around. The roof, an oculus, frames the sky like its neighboring trees, while allowing filtered light through. The central "play" platform, a flexible space for dance and games, descends down to the ground providing seating around the fire place. 10 people, 10 hammers, 4 drills, 3 ladders, 1 chop saw. This structure was constructed as part of a six day intensive design-build workshop, Studio North.


Day 1

Upon visiting the site, we began sketching and designing as a group, by nightfall, the post, beam, joist and decking of the three platforms have been constructed.


Day 2 & 3

Framing the structure of the rooms and tapered roof.

Day 4

Building the stacked screen enclosure and attaching the two tapered roofs onto the rooms.


Day 5 & 6

Interior furniture to accompany the space and plastic sheathing on the roof.